Core Values

Integrity & Honesty

Integrity towards our work, our customers and our employees is the foundation on which our organization is built. We believe that our teams have the integrity, inspiration and commitment to achieve our vision of building a perpetual organization.


Excellence and continuous improvement in our operations are what will help in scaling greater heights of growth and success. These will lead to an enhanced learning experience for our employees and enhanced value-addition to our customers.

Social Responsibility

We realize our responsibility towards society, and the environment that we work in. We must ensure that we return what we get from the society back to the society that we operate in.


Respect for customers’ needs by showing maximum responsiveness, respect and compassion for employees and colleagues, and above all, respect for the laws of the lands that our business thrives on, are imperative for our organization to continue to succeed and grow.


Our leaders and partners at various levels around the world are empowered and inspire teamwork necessary for any venture to succeed. Together we can generate superior stakeholder value and generate long-term revenue, profit and growth. We believe in the application of the principles of supply chain management in their true spirit by moving away from the old silo way of functioning to promoting cross-functional collaboration and communication.


Most of the businesses achieve success not because they bring an innovative idea to the market but rather because of the level of quality delivered with each assignment. Right from analyzing the available data, Haiko takes complete control & deploys experts to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations in terms of both concrete results & service quality. As a result, customer satisfaction has always been our strength.